The art of simplicity
High-quality ingredients are the mainstay of our menu. We cultivate the art of simplicity, allowing the natural and genuine character of the foods to attest to their quality. We believe unpretentiousness provides the best opportunity to appreciate the true flavours representative of each season in nature.

Reflections of the four seasons
The Baltics are a region with four distinct seasons and a corresponding diversity of local produce, and therefore we strive to focus our menu on seasonal, local products. This does not mean that we completely avoid culinary contributions from other regions and cultures, but we search for and select such products from their regions of origin, where the traditional methods of production are still strong, thus ensuring the best quality in the ingredients.

A single product – infinite nuance
We also wish to emphasise that the menu at Bergs Restaurant has been developed very intelligently. Our guests may notice that some products can be found several times on the menu, in different dishes. That’s because we use the products that we select to the fullest, while always finding new ways to highlight their culinary potential.

The menu as journey
When asked to imagine the Bergs Restaurant menu as a journey, chef Oskars Cimdars describes it as a deliberate research expedition through the Baltic region with a glimpse into German cuisine as well. After that, a bit of sun under the Italian sky and some inspiration from France’s gourmet traditions, which are balanced by the simplicity and sincerity of Spain. The menu also makes a slight detour towards the Asian border, whose exotic flavours and aromas bring new and more distinct variations to the European foods.