Mixed salad, goat cheese, roasted hazelnuts, asparagus, pickled berries
€ 8,00
Fluffy chanterelle cream, prosciutto Mimolette cheese, asparagus, toasts
€ 9,50
Classic Caesar salad
* chicken meat, bacon
€ 8,00
* tiger shrimp
€ 10,00
Nicoise salad tuna, asparagus, poached egg, green salad, tomatoes, cucumbers, olives, potatoes, grana padano cheese, anchovy mayonnaise
€ 14,00
Mozzarella di bufala, latvian tomatoes, avocado, hazelnuts, olives
€ 12,00
Veal or tuna tartar with herbs, nori sheet, eggplant puree, panko, cooked egg yolk, mustard sprout pesto
€ 14,00
Fried foie grass escallop, lobster cooked in estragon butter, brioche, caramelized parsnip and almond puree, red vine chocolate reduction sauce
€ 21,00
Shrimp bisque, Iceland lobster, tiger shrimp, chanterelles, green peas
€ 14,00
Mottra sterlet caviar, toasted brioche, quail eggs, crème fraîche
€ 60,00

Main Courses

Warmed up mozzarella di bufala, vegetable caponata, stewed lentils
€ 15,00
Halibut fillet baked in butter, potato puree baked in the oven, asparagus, poached egg, leek confit, Béarnaise sauce
€ 17,00
Smoked catfish fillet, young vegetables, Latvian sour cream and greens, boiled down broth sauce
€ 18,00
Flamed yellowfin tuna fillet, Japanese omelette, shitake mushrooms, Daikon and soy vinaigrette sauce
€ 20,00
Duck breast, carrot bread, pancetta, pecan nuts, young carrots, root parsley puree, red wine orange reduction sauce
€ 18,00
Beef fillet steak
Slowly cooked beef brisket, potato terrine, chanterelles, garlic cream, red vine and green pepper brew, Béarnaise sauce
€ 26,00
New Zealand leg of lamb confit, season vegetables baked in beer dough, tzatziki, coriander, piquant tomato brew
€ 21,00
Homemade pappardelle,
* seasonal mushrooms, cream sauce
€ 18,00
* mozzarella di bufala, tomato and butter sauce
€ 20,00
* tiger shrimp, tomato and butter sauce
€ 22,00
Side dishes
Potato purée / Pan fried new potatoes / Seasonal vegetables / Salad greens
€ 5,00


Selection of European cheeses, homemade focaccia, seasonal condiments
€ 16,00
Strawberry tart, meringue, seasonal berries
€ 6,00
Chocolate fondant, lavender ice cream, sea salt, olive oil
€ 6,00
Honey cake, white chocolate, meringue, strawberry sorbert
€ 6,00
Strawberry pavlova, caramelized white chocolate, vanilla cream, strawberry ice-cream
€ 6,00
Caramelized goat cheese, brioche, strawberries, chocolate
€ 6,00
Bergs homemade ice-cream or sorbet selection
€ 5,50
Every working day, from 12 a. m. to 3 p. m., our chef invites you to enjoy a business lunch of three courses – as you choose. The offer changes every two weeks – to make the best of the seasonal products offer.
Bon appetit!
Chef Oskars Cimdars