Since 2003, we have been delighting Rigans and guests to the city with unforgettable, refined haute cuisine. Nowadays, with contemporary diners embracing uncomplicated but nuanced meals served in more informal, casual atmospheres, we present high-quality, unpretentious food and natural flavours in a friendly, urban environment.

A testimony to continuing life
At Bergs Restaurant, you’ll notice tradition going hand in hand with innovation. Visually, the interior combines contemporary solutions with the elegance of historical architecture, while the fine dining experience acquires a touch of the informal through the plain, wooden table tops and confident, enthusiastic staff. We have left behind the characteristic seclusion of hotel restaurants and old-fashioned formalism to make Bergs Restaurant a more open space. Guests are welcome to enter the restaurant through the hotel lobby or the patio doors that open on to the terrace.

Summer terrace
When it’s warm outside and Bergs Bazaar becomes a lively, pulsating microcosm within the city, Bergs Restaurant joins right in. We set up tables in the courtyard near the lush chestnut tree and the bronze sculpture designed by Latvian artist Ilmārs Blumbergs. Inspired by the free atmosphere outdoors, we have also created a special Terrace Menu featuring a selection of appetisers, salads, sandwiches and desserts for a lighter meal with wine or cocktails. We also invite you to try some of the chef’s creations based on well-known classics with an unusual twist, such as the Baltic herring fish ‘n’ chips.